Riot aren't the only ones ruining this game.....The community also is.

Seriously, we went from a fun loving community who just wanted to play the game because we enjoyed it to metaslave egotists that would rather play to win than actually have fun. I would say that this is ok if it was exclusively happening in ranked, however this is not the case, these same metaslave egotists have infested every single gamemode and it's impossible to enjoy yourself while playing LoL as a result. Let me elaborate, URF was fun when people just played whoever seemed fun to them, then along came the play to win tryhards who swiftly turned the gamemode into a "I didn't ban this champ, guess we lose" scenario. Normal games as well are impacted since all I see EVERY game are the same picks, never anything interesting or innovative. I'd love to see Yorick, but all I see is fucking Darius and co. top lane. I'd love to see Lux mid but all I see is Zoe and Swain. I'd love to see some more Mordekaiser or Ashe, but all I see is Jhin. You get the picture. There should be more emphasis on actually playing for fun in casual gamemodes at least than playing to win. I can understand if a champion is fun for someone, but when someone is playing a champion in a "fun" gamemode just to win that's when I just feel like walking away from the keyboard and making some more food, because there's nothing interesting about that. I've crushed my fair share of metaslave tryhards, but it's not satisfying at all, the entire game feels moreso like you just want to get back at them for ruining your fun than you actually having fun. Not only that, but everyone in this community is so toxic because of their repressed emotions in regards to League. Whether it be due to Riot, bad past games, bad past teammates or just life events League players now see League as a place where they can unleash their emotions. Everyone is saying "Hurr durr Riot is ruining this game, game's dying because of Riot" however in reality it's also the community, we've festered into a cesspool of tryhards and toxic individuals; as more "play for fun" players are just choosing to leave for games which actually feel fun or just quitting gaming in general to move on with life. Sure, Riot has completely ruined this game for almost everyone, but if I'm being honest I hate this current community more than I hate Riot. If I even do semi-bad I get "?" pinged, flamed and reported. If I pick a non-meta champion the same thing happens. If I try to have fun, again, same thing.... Moral of the story, we need to somehow find our way to our roots and emphasise the "game" aspect of League as opposed to forcefully turning it into a competitive sport which only appeals to one type of person, egotists.

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