Urgot's Ultimate Can Trigger Seizures

Hi everyone! I recently submitted a support ticket about this, and they recommended I post here because the devs read the boards and can't be reached via support tickets. I don't know if this is the exact right board, but here goes. As some of you may know, about 1% of the US population has active epilepsy. Approximately 3% of those with epilepsy, have photosensitive epilepsy, which is the kind that is triggered by flashing lights or patterns. (That's why in most games, there's a warning about blinking lights, etc.) That being said, with the immense amount of people that play League, there's going to be a good amount that can have seizures triggered by flickering patterns. Due to this, I'm asking that the chain border VFX that appears for people that are getting executed by Urgot's ultimate either be removed, or a setting added where you can turn this off on your end. To those that have never seen it, an example is [here.](https://youtu.be/oc-t_Uf-keM?t=6) Urgot is my most played champ, and while it is a neat gimmick, it's... unnecessary. The VFX have never won me a game, fight, or provided any significant game play impact, which is why I think it'd be okay to just have a toggle in settings for if some people want to keep it they can. Hopefully someone at Riot sees this and can tell the right people, to hopefully make some of their player's days, allowing them to ban Teemo or Darius instead of Urgot.
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