Why smurfing should be punishable... and why it isn't

Now please note this is, not only a rant, but also my thoughts on smurfing. **Now, before I go too deep and little Jimmy gets angry and instantly down votes (it will happen anyways, IK) I mean smurfing in Ranked Queue, not blind or draft queue(s).** Now that the above is out of the way, lets get into the real deets. Have you ever encountered, whilst in Solo Q, someone that goes 25/0 and has 100% kp playing a hyper carry assassin in the mid lane? No? Good because I sure as hell have. Generally, this would be all fine and what not, but when you make your way into the post-game lobby chat, you see that same person and they say "Don't worry, I'm a smurf" this part angers me to the core, yes... I'm going to worry because the fact that you're playing against me (a Silver player) while you're a lvl 250 Diamond 1, 20LP player is absolutely ridiculous. I have some pictures and of something that I think you should see as well. https://image.ibb.co/jWzLZe/screenshot_20180902_163732.png https://image.ibb.co/hfgZue/screenshot_20180902_163638.png https://image.ibb.co/njUb7z/screenshot_20180902_163944.png Now whether you choose to view these or not is up to you, but this is a clear example of what the people that smurf are looking to do. Don't think its ranked? https://image.ibb.co/b3ONEe/screenshot_20180904_171142.png It's the same person, but what was he having fun doing? Smashing players in lower ELO. Now I reported this person via support direct, but every time you do that you don't know if they are actually doing anything because of the privacy policy. (Which is also another thing how does knowing if someone was banned invade their privacy?). The real reason for my report on him is because he was also boosting, which is a whole 'nother thing, luckily... it's bannable. To be entirely honest here, I do have more than 1 account, yes, but I have never played ranked on it, check it if you want it's username is DigitalSteven. I also never go on it, only if I'm playing with my lvl 15 friend (ReddTrout). The point is, my reason is actually acceptable, we don't play ranked, the games don't actually matter, I just don't want him to be playing against people 50 levels above him. But until this point I never really addressed the topic of why it should be punishable, but at this point it goes without saying. Smurfing in Ranked Queues make the game not fun to play for those in lower ELO's and can lead to players not wanting to play and not have fun playing. Now tell me if you have fun playing against a 15/0 twitch that one shots your entire team, just because... "why the hell not, accounts are free and smurfing isn't punishable so I'm going to ruin other people's MMR's so I can have fun!" In all seriousness, I see the problem here, though, they can't know if it's really a smurf or someone doing really good. To that I say "Well why can't we just report them to support if they admit to it?" I mean it's a good point too, if they say "Oh btw I'm a smurf" and have a score of 20/1 the people that work at support should be able to decipher "Hey there may be something fishy going on here." Now, "Hold up!" I hear you saying, "this will give the people at support way too much work and they could never keep up!" Well, I never said it had to be a fast ban or suspension or something, just at least something to make players not want to smurf as much. These could include longer queue times or just getting matched with their actual ELO. That's the real reason smurfing isn't punishable because the automated system can't tell if it's really a smurf or not, well not everything has to be automated, we have a manual report system for a reason. It's like talking to a robot on a phone then waiting 10 minutes for it to finally say "Press 0 to be connected with customer service or press 'pound' for more options," it's just aggravating and starts to test your patience with the game, I know I've stopped playing for a week in fear I'll run into those scumbags. Either way, that's just my rant about smurfing, I'd love to hear your response, even though it will most likely be "Silver? LOL I'm Diamond, get good kid." To that I reply "The reason they have the MMR is to match people up with their rank and there's a reason I'm not in higher ELO, I'm not that good at the game." GGWP, Riot, GGWP. -EDIT- I think I got this before anyone could comment about it, I get that pros smurf because they don't want to mess up their main account, I see no problem with that, because their "smurf" is still in Masters/Challengers, I'll take TF Blade as my example, his main account (at time of post) is ranked Challenger #1 with 1218 LP, his secondary account (I know he has many account but they are probably high Diamond/low Masters) TF Blade 2 is currently ranked Challenger #5 928 LP. If you get it, the point is that both of his accounts are in challenger, and he will always be playing with around his MMR, I know he had to get there, but for pros, it doesn't take that long and they don't purposefully stick an account in silver win 10 games and lose 1 to stay in silver. -EDIT 2- For the above edit, I realize that it isn't really a smurf, this is more of an alternate (or "alt") account, which is acceptable. I mentioned this in a reply to a comment so I'm going to talk more about it here, not all smurfs are bad, some truly just want to get up to the higher ELO with their smurf, that's fine, but if it matches or overtakes your main accounts MMR, it is just an alt account. It's the people that abuse smurfing to stay in low ELO on purpose so they can continue to "pwn newbs" (wreck lower ELO). This is done by them winning a few times then purposefully losing so they can stay in low MMR. -EDIT 3- **Please ensure that you read the entire post before commenting, this isn't addressed at all smurfs, just the ones who abuse smurfing in lower ranks. A couple of comments have thought that I am targeting all smurfs in general, I'm not.**
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