New graves player needs a bit of endgame help

I have only been playing for about a week. Ive been mostly sticking to 1 character to figure him out. I chose graves and im loving him. I usually do very well early on, but the more the game gets to late stages, the worse i seem to do. Im guessing this is mostly due to A. Tactics. Im still learning the game, and have much left to learn. B. Equipment. Heres my current build - first buys - dorans blade, health pot, warding totem - mid game. - infinty edge, boots of speed, zeal - mid/late game. - upgrade zeal to phantom dancer, upgrade boots to mercury treads with furor, start working on bloodthirster. - late late game - work on deaths dance generally, tri force if i need move speed and/or health, lord dominiks regards if i need some armor pierce and / or there are really high health opponents, spirit visage if i REALLY need health C. Im good at 1 vs. 1, im ok at 2 vs 1 (depending on which 2), im really good at 2 vs 2 (usually), but once it gets to 3 vs 3 or more, i do increasingly worse. 5 vs 5 i just plain suck at right now. I cant seem to avoid any of the snares/stuns/pop into air stuff, and then die quickly before i can get my shots off. And unfortunately, i dont have any of these effects to help my team this way. D. Knowledge. Unfortunately, i don't know what a lot of my opponents abilities do yet. Im slowly learning this, but some things still take me by surprise, and some things i know about, but dont really know how to counter yet. I usually try to look up at least one of my opponents abilities while the game is loading. But this is a slow process. E. ? ... Z. Teammates? I know i cant blame them for a lot, but, for instance, in my last match, when we're up by 20 kills and the bot guys keep letting them farm dragon, while top is stalemate and im busy holding off two of their guys at mid (and killing them a lot), but we cant seem to push anywhere...what am I supposed to do? This would also fall under tactics issues. Im happy to listen to any advice you more advanced guys have.

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