A suggestion on how ranked should work. Since there is A MUCH NEEDED UPDATE. Best Discussion Post

Suggestions of how ranked should work.... To start, everyones put in iron = 0LP at all 5 positions... That's the idea of rise, awaken, climb up right???.... To help explain this idea of how rank should work... Im mainly going to focus on the idea of someone only playing ADC in the Bottom position... Doesn't really mater what champion they pick for the position... Because in a way thats part of what makes the game sort of fun.. Example of a regular game::: 1 win in ADC bottom can be like 10 lp and a loss can be 5lp..... If someone wins a remake game they get a small fixed amount of lp like 5 points, only for the position that they selected... While the losers of a ranked game get -5 LP for the position that they selected... Because a loss is a loss... Someone can go AFK at anypoint.. Remakes are being used to avoid playing a match... If someone dodges before the game starts they lose 0 LP... Reason for dodging can be because someone doesn't want to play with the random team they were assigned... If that person dodges too late then guess what that dodger loses -5lp when their team gets defeated. If that dodger's team somehow wins a 4v5 the dodger doesn't get any LP... Anyways, the person who selected Bottom Lane gets 1 win (perhaps their name is dietfano)... And those other people who also won on that persons team (Dietfano), only get lp for the position that they played... The other 4 people on the team don't get credit for selecting bottom lane... They only get credit for playing the position that they selected such as Jungle... The amount of LP the Jungler winner in this example gets is 10 lP... If the game just restarted and only 1 match has been played the max amount of available LP is 10.. Those random winners of the last game play again, this time perhaps against the winners of a different game.. So people with 1 win vs other people with 1 win.... The winners of this second game all get another 10 lp for the position that they played, while those who lost loose lets say 5lp for the position that they played.... The math on that is the 2 time winner ADC (dietfano) playing Bottom Lane now has 20 LP when the loser ADC bottom lane is at 5LP (lets call this guy incandlek).... So another 2 games goes on.. Loser ADC Bottom from that last game wins this time and that previous loser ADC's LP is at 15 (incandlek).... The ADC (dietfano) Who won last time now has 20 LP because they also won again.... Lets say 100 more games gets played and (dietfan) played 70 of those games in the position of ADC Bottom Lane and won them all... (Dietfan's) LP for the position of ADC Bottom would be 700LP. Lets say during this time (incandlek) the person who had 15LP in the position of ADC Bottom... Only played 20 more games in the position of ADC Bottom and (user incandlek) only won half of those matches playing the position of ADC Bottom amounting to an LP score of around 65LP only for the position of ADC Bottom..... The difference between 700LP Bottom Lane ADC (Dietfan) and 65LP Bottom Lane ADC (incandlek) is a large difference and the result is that these two adcs might not play against eachother for awhile... (dietfan) trys to search for another game looking to play the position of ADC Bottom Lane... If The game system is slightly fair, the game should try to match up 70 time winner ADC Bottom Lane (Dietfan) with another ADC Bottom lane player who has a similar LP Score in the position of ADC Bottom... Somone who has at least won close to 70 games in the position of ADC Bottom... Lets say Undefeated ADC Bottom Lane (dietfan) gets matched up against another ADC Bottom lane player who has lost 2 games already with a bottom LP score of about 690LP (lets say this 2 time loser with 68 wins in the position of ADC Bottom with a score of 690LP in the position of ADC is named Maxloven). Perhaps (dietfan) the undefeated ADC Bottom Lane Player who used to have 700LP loses their first match in 71 games (Dietfan Defeated by Maxloven).... The math on this would be (dietfan) undefeated ADC Bottom Lane now having 695LP for the position of ADC Bottom Lane... When The 2 time loser now has 69 wins in the position of ADC Bottom with an LP of 700LP (User Name MaxLoven). Perhaps that battle between the great ADC Bottom Players resulted in (Dietfan) losing:::: was a battle that wasn't exactly because of the lack of skill of (Dietfano).. This can perhaps be explained because in this match between these great adc bottom players (Maxloven and Dietfano) both of had junglers on their team with only 5 lp each... Reason this might work much better then the current system is because the jungler players get matched up with other jungler players around the same LP... Example Noob Jungler player (username iiiillllkkkkk) with 5lp vs another noob jungler player (username frankyL) with 5lp played the match with (Maxloven and Dietfano)... Perhaps noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) forgot to jungle and just messed up his team mate (dietfan's bottom lane) the entire time... When ADC Bottom (dietfano) lost this match noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) also lost the match.. Resulting in noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) losing another 5lp, resulting in noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) having 0lp after this match.... And (frankyL) rising in their jungler rank to 15lp. For perspective The chance of noob jungler (frankyL) playing against noob jungler (IIIIlllkkkkk) starts to decrease when noob jungler (frankyL) continues to win and noob jungler (llllllkkkkk) continues to lose...Technically the chance of these pro adc's (Dietfano and Maxloven) in bottom lane getting matched up against eachother again remains quite constant for a much longer time since their LP remains to be very similar being in the example 650-850 LP rank in bottom Lane.. A high ranked Bottom Lane ADC around this example LP area (Dietfano) would have to lose around 50 games in a row to play against an ADC bottom lane with an LP score in the 40-50lp bottom adc range... Anyways Previously undefeated ADC Bottom Lane (Dietfan) with 695LP is annoyed by the loss and obviously tries to search for another match... While, Perhaps one day noob jungler (frankyL) climbs up gaining lots of lp to eventually to fight against one of the top pro junglers with hundreds of LP points... The result is interesting games while giving riot the opportunity to select the best players and put them on teams with eachother... etc.... Solo matching.... Jungler vs Jungler... Bottom ADC vs Bottom ADC... 1 person can certainly win a team game. PS this isn't about me saying im the best cause ive met/seen some skilled players... I typically just play fill positions and get annoyed at super noob stuff... my recent post that inspired this post should be located here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/8VGR0sbz-horrible-lp-calculation-the-new-broken-rank-system Ultimately the current IP rewarding system is completely random and inconsistent.. There isn't any structure. You play a position you pick before the match starts when the match ends you get/lose credit for playing positions that you didn't play... Trying to see who the best bottom adc or who the best jungle is isn't possible with the current LP system. The MMR doesn't work at all and it just creates a bias.. Have yet another additional post here about a much needed icon role update: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/OMxTFeN6-role-selecting-icons-top-and-adc-bottom-icons-look-the-same-both-being-just-a-square
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