Suggestion: For anyone Gold and below.

There should be a disclaimer that you must see every game before you enter champion select)(, that you can not skip, that reads **_something along the lines of_**: "Greetings Summoner! Thanks for choosing to play Ranked! Before you do, please consider the following key elements of gameplay to be successful and contribute the most to your team: - This is not TEAM DEATH MATCH. The objective on Summoner's Rift is to kill the Nexus. Work with your team to formulate strategies for success starting at champions select. - You are playing in the same format as LCS players. You have a chance to be asked to join a team, that is, if you're good enough. Now, this is a serious endeavor, so consider only playing Ranked if you are prepared. You also effect the other 4 players on your team with a bad performance in Ranked. There are Normal game modes which are used to practice new champions or build paths prior to entering ranked. - Follow the Summoner's Code." ACCEPT - DECLINE )(-> It should be placed where you accept the match or decline. Giving the players more time to read the disclaimer and agree to it before continuing on to champion select. There should also be included a Report for anyone you think may be disobeying this disclaimer. Ranked Restriction should be applied to players found "Trolling", "Testing" or "AFKing". ...Or try first to make it so you can only play Level 5 Mastery champions in Ranked from Gold and below. The objective here is to create a better gameplay experience for Ranked players and bridge the skill-gap between Bronze and Challenger players in NA.

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