I just supported a Viktor as Janna in botlane

against a caitlyn and brand. Playing defensively would give them a free win in lane so we went all in and destroyed them. After lowering caitlyn's health bar from previous trades where i auto and shield myself while dodging brand spells, I took 2 points on W level 3 and flash W, ignite and autoed the enemy ad. Cait died wasting both her sums, I got first blood, didn't die, snowballed and won. Other lanes were loosing, which meant they four man roamed us bot, but Viktor and I actually carried the game. I don't know about yall, but I kinda like how non-marksmen champions can fill in the ADC role and come off as viable without bringing back the "ADC in 2017 LUL" meme. I'm seeing more creative games, comps, skirmishes, and team-fights due to this. Janna's passive actually enhances Viktor's ability to kite, and her shield + disengages give him more time to spam his spells. They are both champs who annoy you because they always seems to be faster than you, put them together in a lane as partners and see what happens. After hitting Diamond in NA, I got sick of the game and didn't play much. Currently, I'm in Korea enjoying league because the games here are a lot more creative and I'm exposed to new play styles. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Also, I know everyone thinks janna is a easy shield-bot champion that's broken but I see her as a broken champion that can be beyond god-like broken if you perfect her mechanics (which imo is harder than you think, I've flash tornadoed a predicted kaisa ult before. Janna can be obnoxious). Her early damage is good, so she can be played aggressively. When games end in a 15-20min stomp, more often than not, I do more damage than my ADC and MId. Meta slaves who play janna in a brain-dead-shield-bot manner might play her well, but please, don't group us janna mains together with them. True Janna mains are disgusting human beings that have ascended those fools and the LP system (I know this because I am one myself)
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