How to ADC?

So I am a top main (I'm also really garbage at that), so I've been trying to test out new roles and one that's always interested me was ADC. I always loved watching those crazy plays in games, or the late game penta kills from the ADC. I was mainly just wondering if any ADC mains out there had any tips to help me out, or just help people who want to try ADC out in general. I have been beating myself up over the past four days about playing ADC specifically cause I've been trying to play the League of Draven {{champion:119}}. Any advice? {{sticker:draven-pose}} I really appreciate all the feedback, a lot of my friends were telling me to stay away from {{champion:119}} and have tried champs like {{champion:29}} {{champion:22}}. I really wanna thank people who have commented! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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