Could everyone stop throwing shade on Lux. The LoL boards are driving me insane.

I was looking at boards and I see so many people complaining about how Lux is getting a new skin. But you have to actually look at her skins. Personally, I think all her skins are really boring except for Star Guardian and Elemental. But don't get me wrong, I really really want a new zoe skin. If someone wants a new Ahri or Urgot skin, cool! I understand why, we all want new skins for our fave champs, but you can't go around saying stuff like "Why tf is Lux getting a new skin?! She's stupid! We need Urgot skins and Annie skins!" STUPID?! Not to mention, people saying "Lux is worthless" because she is support. *inhales* Wtf do u mean "worthless"? Are you saying Soraka, Sona, and Taric are "Worthless" because they SUPPORT?! I, myself, do not use Lux for support, but I am not against the idea. I use her for mid lane. "She is still worthless in mid lane, shes super fucking annoying too." WTF DO YOU MEAN?! SHE HAS A GIANT D E A T H LASER!!!1!!1!11!!!111!11!11!1!!! It is really annoying to see Lux being hated on so much for these reasons mainly: * Her laugh * Her abilities * Her in general * Her getting a new skin * "She should only support" I mean, I do not come here to throw shade on Yasuo do I? No, I am not going to insult Yasuo here. The league boards are really negative and people only come here to rant and complain about buffs and shit. Sure I understand you can be upset about stuff like the sightstone being taken away but could we PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF DEMACIA STOP DISCOURAGING LUX AND LUX MAINS?!{{sticker:sg-janna}} {{champion:99}} -- Update. After reading comments in this, I can see both sides of the argument. I did not mean to put it in a way as if other champs dont need new skins. Ofc you can be upset about lux getting a new skin, just like I am with Ahri, but I really hate seeing so much hate. If you do not like Lux getting a new skin, that is fair. I will now argue because honestly I do not have an argument against it. I just ask you to see both sides of my conversation before ranting. Of course you can, but just take into consideration that I am salty about Ahri getting a new skin just like you are about lux. And ofc I wish they could sped more time on skins like people for Zoe.
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