5 Rules for Junglers that Laners Wish You Would Follow.

1. Don't invade when all your lanes are being pushed into turret. Simple as that, we don't have lane priority and it takes longer for us to help you. You're gonna get collapsed on, there's nothing we can do to stop it. Instead try ganking some of the lanes to alleviate pressure. Help us before we can help you. 2. Don't gank when there are 20 minions under turret, or when the enemy laner(s) is 1/2 levels above. It's too risky with such a big minion wave/exp lead. Chances are you and your laner are going to get 1v2'd. 3. Gank your laners even if the kill isn't guaranteed. Blowing a summoner or lowering their HP is usually enough to force a back and/or later get a solo kill. 4. Help push the lane after ganking and getting a kill. Your ganks won't mean anything if the enemy can simply come back to lane and freeze the wave. The minions need to fully crash under turret in order for it to reset/bounce back. This is different from a tax where you take CS simply for being in the lane and nothing else. 5. Don't flame us when we don't do everything you want. We're not your slaves. We have exp and gold that gets wasted every time we have to bail you out because YOU take bad fights and bad invades. Sometimes we have no choice but to ignore you, and that's just something you're going to have to live with.
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