Options to replace cloud drake

I still don't find cloud drake to be worthwhile even after Riot buffed it, movement speed itself is such a small part because even if you have no boots you can still dodge skillshots or just flash to secure a kill and its redundant in champions who already excel in chasing like Udyr and Hecarim. When do I secure a kill that I wouldn't already flash or ult for solely because of out of combat movement speed from drake? Pretty rare for me. So Riot, here's some alternatives that people would actually die for, feel free to discuss as you wish, I'm neither for nor against any of the ideas: 1. Basic attacks and abilities steal 8%/16%/24% movement speed from the target. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 14/12/10 seconds. 2. +10%/18%/25% tenacity. 3. 5%/10%/15% critical strike chance. 4. +15/30/45 movement speed and 5%/10%/15% cooldown reduction. 5. -15%/25%/35% time dead. 6. Minions gain +3%/6%/9% armor and movement speed. 7. +4/8/16 gold every 10 seconds. 8. +7/14/21 armor and magic resistance.
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