Can we stop pretending tanks are weak?

It is a bald faced, statistical lie. And these stats are from platinum+ *not* "bronzies". The boards keep saying they "Don't ever feel tanky on tanks" well here are the factual, non-bias, numerical statistics. Tanks are perfectly fine overall with some strong and weak outliers. So if you are going to buff *anything* for the class as a whole realize it will come with compensation nerfs. This is not S6, tanks are *not* weak. Stop living in last year. 11.3% play rate, 54.5% win rate, 59% ban rate highest in the game, higher than Yasuo. 4.7% play rate, 54% win rate, 14% ban rate. Ban 3.5x more than Riven despite being played a lot less. 12% play rate, 48.5% win rate, 10.7% ban rate. Played extremely often ban just as much. 4.4% play raye, 51% win rate, 8% ban rate. Looking fine to me. 37.1% play rate, 51.7 win rate, 3.5% ban rate. Oh look even support tanks are viable. More below. 13.1% play rate, 52% win rate, 3.2% ban rate. More tank supports. 13.1% play rate, 49.5% win rate, 1.8% ban rate. A healthy nearly 50/50 win rate despite popularity. 2.8% play rate, 50.7% win rate, 0.7% ban rate. On the lower end of tanks but still doing OK. 5.4% play rate, 50.1% win rate, 0.7% ban rate. Looks solidly balanced if not frustratingly binary. 3.9% play rate, 50.9% win rate, 0.6% ban rate. Again, solid average performance. 7.6% play rate, 49.4% win rate, 0.5% ban rate. More viable tank supports. 3.7% play rate, 53.3% win rate, 0.3% ban rate. Most mains can only dream of such ideal stats. 6.7% play rate, 50.1% win rate, 0.2% ban rate. Tank supports, doing fine. 2.8% play rate, 51.3% win rate, 0.1% ban rate. Looks fine considering all the other tank options crowding him out. This is almost all of the tanks. 14 total either viable or OP, 13 if you do not like counting Ivern a jungle tank support. I found only 5-6(depending on who you count as a tank) who were weak right now by their numbers. That is totally acceptable by me as it represents about the same or better ratios of good to bad of any other class in the game. And it is not a class issue it is an outlier issue. Again these stats are platinum through challenger and have nothing to do with "bronzies". And they mean the class is fine. So if you want to buff the entire class, what compensation nerfs are you going to give? This same spread of viability on Assassins or Skirmishers would make the boards burn down with complaints.
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