How to fix zac (small rant)

After zac got reworked he was horribly weak. Riot saw this & decided to buff his q & increased the knock up on his e. This lead him to become overpowered with a 54%win rate. After this he was nerfed to the point where it is really hard to still win as him. But I have an idea on how to fix it. We revert all the numbers of zac's abilities to what they were right after the rework (since we know riot won't revert him). Then instead of buffing his q & e we buff his e & w. The knock up on e would be .8 seconds instead of the current 1 seconds ult charge up would be 1 second instead of the current 1.1 seconds & his w's cooldown would be 1 second less at all ranks. This will still make him stronger than he is now & he would not be as powerful as the earlier buffs that Riot did.

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