Design Challenge? An item or ward that grants vision NOT using a circular AoE of sight

Mark Rosewater, lead designer of Magic: The Gathering for 20+ years, has said over and over again: restriction breeds creativity. So my challenge for anyone interested: **design an item or ward that grants vision or information.** The restrictions are as follows: * 1) It can't have a circular AoE of sight, which is the standard for all wards and most sight-granting abilities. * 2) The item must include some form of delay, telegraphing, travel time, or tell-tale sign (all forms of counterplay) that clues players in to the fact that they've been seen or are currently being spied on. ---- > Why this design challenge? > > I think SightStone eats up too much of the design space for vision effects. It is too good for what it does. Most of the ward objects are as well, due to the way they grant sight. If our ways of getting vision and info were less reliable or more narrow in their scope, if they clued players in to their presence, then they could afford to be stronger and have more interesting effects, and be FREE (yes, I know trinkets are free, but I don't think giving players are free mini-SightStone is moving in the right direction...) > > Also, not sure if this should go into Gameplay or C&C, but it is here for now.
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