Christmas Wishlist

- Fix Vayne's Q crit, this has gone on long enough - Yasuo: At least make a mention of a mini rework. He's proven to be difficult to balance and even if you don't consider him OP, the majority of players can agree that the's not fun to play against - Remake should stop taking up an Autofill Immunity slot...because it's a remake, not an actual game... - (Personal Preference) Reset the TP nerf please, I can understand why some would not want this though - Red -> Krugs -> Lv.3 -> Gank Bot...this is not a good thing to have in the game - Give at least 1 refund per season...I mean the top posts on the gameplay forums all want 3 per season so at least 1 is reasonable right? - Black Market Brawlers in the rotating game mode...honestly this should've been a thing since the beginning - Global Quote Karthus for this his Ult - Give Draft back to people and don't even dare to think of taking draft from the larger servers - Sandbox mode (was mentioned they were thinking about it, but it's still on my wishlist) - Fix Death Recap plox - Aram should have a *true* random champion select where *all* the champions are unlocked. Sorry Aram Account Owners, nobody liked it anyways - Disable New and Fully-Reworked champions for a full week from ranked...there's just no decent argument (in terms of competitive integrity) to allow this to happen. - If you're going to keep people away from item sets, you need to update item sets more frequently. For instance: *any* champion that was picked in the jungle role should have a jungle item recommended to them. - Ashe Ult visually freezes the enemy just like Sejuani's - Increase the drop rate of the gems for hextech crafting, I honestly haven't gotten one since like...the first month of it's introduction - Give bans to the first 3 pickers in the lobby - Fix Sion's Q hitbox indicator...we all know that the actual ability hits for wider and longer than the indicator. - The ability to close the friends list in the new client - I want the client's sounds/music to be muted/muffled again when the client is minimized, just like the legacy client - A "dmg shielded" for the post-game lobby - change "turrets taken" to "damage done to objectives" because nobody likes the dude that last hits the turret for that juicy stat-padding (even though I'm guilty of it) - Different themed summoner rift "maps". Examples: Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, Dark, etc. I can see a lot of possible barriers to prevent this from happening but I'm aware that winter rift is being developed and it'd be an interesting thing to explore - Change the honors system please, as of right now it feels nonexistent - Adress Nidalee, she's not feline real good right now - Kalista news? I know you guys mentioned you'd be working on her, just wondering how that's going Long List? Ya... Bad List? Well that's up to you guys~ Congrats on reading that whole thing, hopefully some of those ideas are taken into consideration by a Rioter <3 - Slythion
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