I miss being able to use my game knowledge to outplay other junglers

I miss tracking me and my enemies' buffs knowing that applying my knowledge and taking 2 seconds to type timers in chat give me a significant advantage over a jungler who didn't. Now everyone gets free timers and just passing by a buff gives you a minute warning when it's coming back up even if you have no idea when it was killed. I miss being able to glance at the enemy jungler's CS and figuring out which camps he did and use that knowledge to anticipate where he is and where he was going. It's something I was working on. Now every camp counts as 4 CS so it's been removed entirely. I miss the advantage of timing the next drake for my team because it gave all of us an advantage if they didn't. Now everyone gets a free timer regardless of whether they saw it die or not. I think it's really stupid that the jungle keeps getting dumbed down. You don't have to think about anything but spam ganking. I hate the idea of removing skill expression in return for convenience for the lazy. I'm not quite sure why these changes happened other than for bad players who refuse to actively improve.
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