Is S9 actually harder to climb..? Or am I just dog doo?

Hey guys, I am getting really frustrated with this game because of the quality of games I have been getting. Every season since S5 I have reached mid or high diamond, and then stopped playing ranked and only played with friends. This season, however, I struggled to get to D2 (current d3) and on my smurf I am HARD HARD stuck plat 3. Like 40% winrate 200 games. I know it is very common "i play well every game" "my team always feeds" but like.... is anyone else experiencing super low quality games and having a hard time climbing to the ranks they have been in previous seasons? Maybe it is because I play adc/sup ? Maybe the duo lane is really weak right now? I dont think that is true, but having a 0-20 top+mid+jg so freaking often is making me hate playing this game. Let me know how things are going for you guys. :/
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