I'm hoping Evelynn's VGU team will rework Morde, and I'll tell you why.

I might have already mentioned that I'd very much prefer Eve's VGU pod to move over to Mordekaiser once they're done with League's very own Sexy stealth lady. But I never really specified why. The reason is simple: #They got the best track record when it comes to delivering on champions feeling satisfying and extremely cohesive thematically {{champion:3}} Is their most recent example and while he was a mixed bag due to old Galio mains being disappointed new Galio truly is one of the most fun and satisfying champions there is. There's a real weight to him that, unlike Sion, feels really satisfying. He's by far my favorite recent character and he truly delivers on "Demacian Sentinel" with how his kit plays {{champion:83}} Alas, poor Yorick, still no new skin. Yorick, even though I suck at him, is a great rework and he resonates so well with his entire theme, all the way down to him changing Summoner's rift music when he summons the maiden. He's a modern Juggernaut and his VGU team did a great job trying to build him up to fit that version of the split pushing zombie-army juggernaut. And what's better, most of his skills feel extremely heavy without feeling clunky! {{champion:44}} By far my favorite support. But that's beside the point. Taric is a great example of how you can give an outdated kit a new spin, as his W, Bastion, gives him a ton more skill expression beyond just spamming spells whenever they're up. It adds a new layer to him but functionally he's still very much the old Taric. I hope you've found the common theme here. This VGU pod just nails down **Heavy**, **Satisfying** and **Thematic appeal** while also making champions better than their old selves by adding new mechanics and layers to them that boost their skill expression more than their old versions. Take a look at the other pod. {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} Are GREAT, yet they do not carry the **OOOMPH** factor of the other reworks. They're thematic successes and feel a lot like their old selves, which isn't what Mordekaiser needs. Mordekaiser needs to be given more ways of skill expression as well as delivering on all the hype surrounding him, making him satisfying to play while also making him heavy and metal in the process. This is why I believe that Eve's rework team would be better suited to tackle Mordekaiser than Warwick's as Mordekaiser doesn't seem to be the kind of champion that would benefit from that team's approach. But those are just my two cents. https://pre00.deviantart.net/42a1/th/pre/i/2017/214/e/b/mordekaiser___the_iron_revenant_by_waza_art-dbilfr3.png
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