Give Zoe W a Mana Cost

Idk I just hate that she can just do half ur hp bar at lvl 3 if she finds an ignite in one of ur minions. I just don't think its fair that she should be able to pick up summoner spells, some of the most powerful and game impacting spells, from the ground and it has literally no downside. You could argue that she is missing a real ability when she doesnt have any spells stored but its really not that hard to find one considering multiple minions in a wave can have one and champions are constantly dropping them in teamfights. I feel like a mana cost would at least be a decent nerf to her early game considering her q barely costs any mana so she can just spam q to waveclear all lane until she can get a good shot at her e or just spam you with summoner spells+her stronger ahri w until you are low enough for an all in. Another thing I would like to see, though this is just me being greedy at this point, reduce the time she puts people to sleep for. It would add some form of skill to her combo after hitting her e. Like she could be forced to very quickly cast her q as her e puts someone to sleep in order to get the guaranteed hit+extra damage rather than her landing e then having time to walk back a pretty good distance, cast q, cast q again, and walk back again.

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