Does the balance team play this game?

Do they? That's an honest question. At least do they play Top lane, at all? If they did, I don't know how Darius could remain in the overtuned state he's in if they did. Or maybe they do, and the person calling the shots is a Darius main. I honestly am perplexed by it. Don't get me wrong, I love playing Darius. He's my second highest mastery champion. Playing Darius top is empowering. You literally feel like Thanos. He walks into lane essentially already fed. Ignite? No you don't need that, take ghost. Let them overextend just once just alittle. Ganks from enemy jgr? You ward not so you know when to run, no. You ward so you know when you're about to get a double kill. Think about it. Level 3, when Darius has all 3 of his abilities which makes him very hard to get away from (unless you burn flash, which only delays the inevitable). If he starts Dorans blade, which you can against literally all melee matchups, he has 92AD. That 92AD turns into 132AD in 4.5 seconds. 132.... That's FOUR longswords. He get's FOUR longswords at level 3, in 4.5 seconds. Yeah... Also, he doesn't even need to get his last auto off on you. Cause the bleed damage will do the rest, and if he does take ignite? So playing this champion gives you the feeling that you get when your doing well and get fed on a normal champion. Except with Darius, it's pretty much every game. At least as far as laning phase is concerned. I know his winrate isn't insane or anything, so his extremely dominant laning phase isn't contributing to an overall win. And I feel like that's a problem with League, and not so much Darius. There's too much CC, too much mobility, too much invisibility, too much cdr. And it doesn't matter how fed or huge a Darius is with those kinds of obstacles. CC, mobility, etc. counters even the most fed champions. So it's actually quite ridiculous that someone who's laning phase is so oppressive as Darius, that his win rate is not through the roof. Let's talk about this. Because it is a problem.
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