Proposed Rules Update to Gameplay Sub-Board (Feedback Wanted)

Disclaimer The Universal Rules are in full effect, save where overridden by Gameplay specific rules. If you are not certain if your content is allowed by these rules, please feel free to seek moderator input on our Discuss the Boards sub-board or the Moderation Discord prior to posting. Once posted, content will be subject to moderator discretion as per normal boards policy. Overview We’ve heard your complaints about Gameplay. We understand you don’t want to sift through complaints and memes to get to the good stuff. To that end, we’re leveling up the guidelines so it’s clearer what belongs here and what doesn’t. We’ll also be more aggressive in removing posts that don’t make the cut. With your help, we can make Gameplay the best place to go for advice and theorycrafting. Gameplay Do’s DO START WITH A CLEAR, INFORMATIVE TITLE Posts with clickbait titles are subject to removal. No one likes being misled. For example, the titles “Yasuo” or “Nerfs to Yummi that will 100% work!” would be considered uninformative and clickbait respectively. DO CONSIDER HOW THE READER IS INTENDED TO FEEL OR RESPOND. Posts that encourage thoughtful discussion are preferred. While you may be angry or frustrated, Gameplay is not really the Board for complaining. DO POST NEW CONTENT This can be a little challenging when many people are upset or excited about a topic, but your post should have a fresh perspective or take. Posts that duplicate other content without adding anything make it more difficult to have meaningful conversations, as everything is split between threads. DO DEBATE WITH INTEGRITY This means you should never dismiss someone based on their rank, preferred format or playstyle. Everyone is welcome to post, regardless of how they play or how well they play. This also means you should never effectively call someone stupid or ignorant. No one listens to someone who argues this way (see: Backfire Effect). DO LEAVE ROOM FOR DISAGREEMENT The Boards are for sharing ideas and discussion. Dealing in absolutes prevents those things. Calling for a champion to be gutted generally ends all conversation. Likewise, refusing to see how someone else could have a different - even contradictory - opinion or perspective closes off possibilities. People come to League with all sorts of perspectives and preferences. We should be recognizing and accommodating as many of them as possible. Posts that mainly consist of calling a champion easy or insult the people who play a specific champion will be considered low effort and removed as such. DO DISCUSS STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF CHAMPIONS, MATCHUPS, ITEMS, AND BUILDS Within reason, of course. It’s one thing to say, “I feel Yasuo has too many tools and is generally too safe once you’ve mastered him, with Windwall being an excellent example of this”. It’s quite another to say, “Windwall is bull#$*&!” Discussions are generally better when they have a focused intent. It is better to limit posts to specific concerns, such as “Kindred struggles in these situations and here’s how that might be addressed.” As long as you’re not ranting, it’s okay to ask for advice and suggestions.”I generally queue as support and I’m facing a lot more Blitzcranks lately. What are some things I can do to counter him?” is a perfectly fine conversation to have. DO PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE, FOCUSED FEEDBACK Dismissive responses such as “git good” or “L2PLAY” are subject to removal as low-effort and unhelpful. Suggesting someone leave ranked is also not cool. It’s generally okay to ask people to clarify so you can provide better feedback. It’s also okay to provide radical suggestions, as long as it’s done respectfully. DO DISCUSS HOW A CHAMPION FULFILLS (OR FAILS TO FULFILL) A SPECIFIC CHARACTER FANTASY In a perfect world, game play and theme merge seamlessly. Sometimes this isn’t the case, as with pre-rework Sion. Sometimes a strong thematic has gameplay that feels poorly suited to it. This sort of mismatch makes for a great discussion point about how the champion could be either tweaked or redesigned to better match player expectations, and discussion around this is encouraged. Note, however, that full suggested reworks are often better suited to Concepts & Creations. DO UPVOTE QUALITY CONTENT We’re volunteers. We can’t see everything. Your reports help us curate the board. Gameplay Don’ts DON’T JUST CALL FOR A REVERSION We get it. Change is hard. Sometimes change is also wrong. Unfortunately, angry “you ruined my favorite champion” posts don’t do any good. In order to be truly effective, you have to step back and explain how you feel about changes in a way that Riot can understand. (For example: “I really miss Galio’s old ult. Being able to flash taunt gave me more engage opportunities than the current kit.” versus “Galio update was awful, revert!”) DON’T JUST LIST OR COMPARE THINGS WITHOUT CONTEXT This specifically includes things like pick/ban rates or what abilities they have, but can be pretty much anything. It’s especially true when listing naked stats when asking for a nerf. It’s not enough to say “X champion is at 53% win rate”. Good content will explain why the champion is in that state. Better content will explore how they can be fixed without breaking them. DON’T REPORT THINGS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM People say ridiculous things on the internet all the time. We’re just not able to arbitrate every disagreement (how Pyke’s ultimate works, we’re looking at you). Save the reports for things that violate the Board Universal Rules and respectfully debate with or ignore posters who have a different opinion than your own. DO NOT ASK FOR UPVOTES Your content should be able to stand on its own. Let others choose when to upvote or downvote your content. ------------------------------- Let us know what you think!
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