Its time to make crit adcs viable in other roles too

You know, champs like ashe, caitlyn, jinx and most of the adc champ pool (specially crit adcs) are unplayable outside of the adc bot lane role, yet they are getting kicked out of bot by mages and other champs, while the same mages can play in almost every other position in the game that isnt jungle? If you think thats great then how about making it so jinx can actually top lane? Dont you want diversity? Then make all of those champs viable solo laners so they have somewhere to play when mages are taking over bot lane. Or just realise how bad of an idea was to bring double mages down to bot lane and kick them out and lower the damage creep by letting enchanter supports play the game again with crit adcs and we get a more balanced game with less damage overall on teams.
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