Matchmaking (Twisted Treeline)

Any particular reason you'll have the system match us up with teams consisting of a mix of silvers/golds/diamond solo queue ranked players instantly? And then when we win, our LP gains aren't any higher than as if we played against a team of silvers? Wtf. If we lose against a really high elo team, 3s MMR aside, it doesn't seem fair to lose almost any LP considering the skill difference. That ultimately presents a very interesting question I'm REALLY looking for an answer to: Does solo queue rank have any significance? If it doesn't, why attempt any balanced matchmaking? Rank means nothing :) Or if it does, why is it so broken in ranked teamplay? And why isn't it considered in LP calculations? I know a smaller fraction of players play TT, so I don't expect matchups to be as balanced as SR. But then don't match us up in 2 seconds with some hardened 3s team of high elo players.

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