Champ IP Sales. Please Up vote so people see!!

Hello, Ive been playing League for about a year and a half. Its been a great experience (not counting the trolls, and early levels) So I have a fair picture of what the game looks like. I feel that champs are insanely hard to afford. 6300 for one champions is a lot. Your average player does not spend huge amounts of time on the game. Counting school/work etc. Lets say an average player can afford to play one game a day. That means he can earn around 200 IP a day maximum. Counting the win of the day. But that's if you win a game. Winning a game is a task in itself. If you think about it. It takes about one month to get a 6300 champion, that is counting only wins. {{champion:267}} {{item:3070}} So I am asking Riot to add champion sales but for IP. So that players can afford champions which make the game fun. Lets say the champs can go down by 20-30%. It would honestly make the game so much fun. There would not be as much stress on winning games to get IP to finally be able to afford a champion. Also I'm asking the League Community that sees this to Up Vote if you agree. Lets make League more enjoyable {{summoner:4}} See you on the Rift friends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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