Armor + Attack Speed Item

Is there any chance we could get an armor + attack speed on-hit item added back to the game? Something like an armor equivalent of {{item:3091}} , but without any healing tacked on to the item, just on-hit damage. The reason I ask this is because the only decent defensive on-hit option is {{item:3091}}, but there are quite few champions that would love to have an armor/on-hit option, especially in the jungle. Armor in general just doesn't feel good or rewarding to build right now and adding better offensive hybrid options would help fix that, especially for the on-hit/auto-attack bruisers. There are plenty of decent MR/offensive options for pretty much every champion, so I don't understand why there is such a dead end when it comes to armor. Even ADCs and assassins get {{item:3026}}, so it makes no sense to me why on-hit/auto-attack bruisers can't have a decent offensive armor option.
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