The Most Hated Champion Class:

Hands down, the most hated, most frequently complained about, most frequently banned class in League is hyper mobile/safe assassins. These guys end up permanently banned when balanced around a 50%+ winrate in solo queue, because when people maining these champions can reliably thrive in their lane, then they reliably become low-counterplay, snowballing, steamrollers that the entire opposing team has to focus all of their efforts on. Their mobility gives them a global sphere of influence while they have the freedom to dictate where fights happen and when fights happen. Their safety makes it so that they can take careless risks and capitalize on their opponents' tiniest mistakes, but their "outplay mechanics" make it almost impossible for their opponents to grip them in a mistake hard enough to shut down the snowballing. If you combine their kits with enough raw power that they can start building defensively while still bursting people, then their windows of vulnerability practically vanish altogether. Now, I know that winrates aren't everything, but there really does seem to be a sweet-spot around 47.5% overall winrate for balancing these champions in solo queue. Look at {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:64}}. These are all currently balanced at under 50% winrate in solo queue. At their heights, these champions have each generated as much QQ as entire other champion classes. In their current states balanced below 50% winrate, they all still have decent pick rates, and Lee Sin and LeBlanc still have some of the highest pick rates in the game. Out of those four, Kassadin has the lowest overall winrate, yet Kassadin mains are still thriving with 54%+ winrate in his balanced state because of how much steamrolling potential super-mobility on an assassin grants. Now look at {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}}. All three have extremely high banrates. At the current rate, Zed and Ekko might some day soon hit old Kassadin's 97% ban rate or old Evelynn's 97% ban rate in Korea. Both Ekko and Fizz start out at around 50% winrate for players brand new to the champs, showing that they have both low skill floors in addition to their fairly high skill caps. Obviously, {{champion:238}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} should be treated as similar cases to {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:64}} if a healthy role in the game is desirable for them. Hyper mobile/safe assassins simply cannot be balanced by the same standards as other (arguably more healthy) classes.
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