Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?

I'm starting to get really fucking bored being one shot by things like a 1/4 malphite because he built one item and you gave his ult 100% ap scaling. Why is a tank a better mage than all the mages? He has some of the highest ap scalings in the game. Can somebody explain this degenerate shit to me? Oh, Morgana is a 50% ban because she stops you from being one shot by nonsense like this. But the champions that just one tap you aren't an issue? Yawn. Boring. Can we please tone the fucking damage down. If I'm 4/0 in lane the game shouldn't be over if the enemy team picks a champion like malphite who has a slight lead. How the fuck is that fun for anyone? I'm just really sick and tired of this call of duty overwatch trash the game has become. Every single match is about picking burst damage and hook champions. Oh you got cced once? You're dead! Land one hook? You're dead. Land one bind? You're dead. Yawn. Boring. Oh, but once again Morgana is overpowered because she lets you actually play the game. You mean there's a champion that actually provides counter play against being oblitered in under a second any time you get cced or have a champion like malphite in your game? Nope that's not fun! I enjoy being killed instantly with no counter play. JuSt FlaSh The Ult ThaT has < 1 min CoolDown 3head! Just never get hit by cc 5head!

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