Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.

PSA: Just because someone accidentally (or even purposely) bans the champion you chose, it doesn't give you a free unpunished opportunity to cry and be toxic in pregame chat, and then troll in the actual game. This has to be one of the most annoying things about the new champ select. Maybe this doesn't happen in high elo , but in low elo if anyone gets their champion banned by a teammate (especially a yasuo, or riven player), they feel like they are allowed to intentionally troll their team for the upcoming game, constantly saying "well you shouldn't have banned my champ" ....and the worst part about the whole thing is that you will hear teammates or enemy players saying "well dude u banned his champ." They actually support and understand this guy's trolling. I understand the playerbase on this game is probably young teenagers, but why do people encourage such childish behavior? There is around 140 other champions you can choose, and what about the other 3 teammates that didn't ban your champ? Fuck them right? It honestly reminds me of a child not getting the toy he wants at the store, and then throwing a temper tantrum in front of everyone. Oh and one last thing , if you are one of these people who does this. Think about how dumb it is that instead of taking a 3 LP loss by dodging the game, you lose the full amount of LP, 20-30 minutes of your time upsetting innocent people you will probably never see again, and you will most likely be getting reported at the end... the logic. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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