I love League, but when is Pyke regen getting nerfed?

I love League of Legends, it's a great game and I play it daily. However, we need to talk about Pyke's regen. It's completely out of control for a passive. Most champs have average or garbage passives, but Pyke may have the best passive in the game (at least top 3). Myself and nearly everyone in the community has asked for a nerf on Pyke's regen. Please RIOT, make this happen soon. It's super unhealthy and irritating when you almost kill Pyke, then he leaves and returns back to lane, in seconds, with 80% or more health. This has obvious consequences to a laner who outplays Pyke, but then Pyke returns unharmed and ready for round 2, but you already burned all your HP and resources trying to kill Pyke and it amounted to nothing. Ultimately, Pyke's passive rewards bad Pyke players and punishes good players going against Pyke. OR, it gives good Pyke players a super unfair advantage against everyone else in the game. Please nerf Pyke's passive, thank you RIOT for your time and hard work.

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