can we add a report button in champ select, so we can report inters and trolls and get them to stop? after losing a game becuase of an inter yas and dodging a number of games because of other trolls/autofilled ppl first timing champs is ranked games after i lost another 10 lp from the dodge i get into another game and guess what even in champ select u will know that ur getting trolled and i have to lose another 10 lp and wait for 30 min with all the game being shitty , it's not even fun to play but u cant even get to play it mind u can we add a report button so we can report pepole who say that they will int/are known to int , this way ppl wont troll in ranked since u can report them and dodge the game if u want or can we lower the penality on dodging a little bit maybe the third dodge lose only 5 lp or lower the time spent
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