PG 13... Why did i ever support riot games?

10 years of my life caring about a game that had none of my best interests at heart. Riot literally chose.. money.. over a good game. HOLD ON WHILE I BUFF PYKE 500 times.. so he is only exposed to damage for a microsecond but can last hit 99% of your HP with his resetting ultimate and gets HP back. a quiana combo that does the same. i AM SO SICK OF BEING A FUCKING ADC AND ONE OF THESE FUCKS BENDING SPACE AND TIME YO KILL ME> MY FUCKING GOD RIOT HOW THE HELL ARE YOU COMING UP WITH THESE 1 HIT "Pro Champions" i'm sorry. seeing more skilled diamond players in my poop than you have in your game. Bunch of 1 trick morons. Fuck You riot... What you call gameplay.. is a FUCKING JOKE
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