True Damage

So I was playing Rammus, pure tank, health, and armor. My team and I were outplaying the enemy all game. We had all the dragons, two Barons, more towers, but we couldn't finish. Every fight was worse and worse until every fight became a loss. The enemy had two tanks, two supports, one of which was Soraka, and their one DPS was VAYNE. The Vayne had a guardian angel, quicksilver sash, and the rest attack speed. Every fight I get melted, I check the damage done to me and it's around 2k to 3k true damage. I can't get near her, I can't taunt her. If I do taunt her she can just sash out of it. There is literally nothing I can build to counter the Vayne damage because it is mostly true damage. This "zero counter" play to me is pretty bull shit and needs to change. Maybe if the Thornmail was doing massive damage back to her or something. I don't know. There is just something really wrong with outplaying your opponent all game and still having no chance of winning because they can dish out infinite true damage which can't be countered.

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