Discussion post about a specific champions lack of balance, you have been warned.

Alright so I'm sure that this will just be another comment lost in the boards and ignored by those its really intended for but in the off chance that it can make any kind of real change I'd like to write it. For a while now there has been an increasing number of "OP" champs plaguing the rift and it seems the number of these champs has been increasing a lot, so much so that people are now asking for 20 bans and pleading with riot to nerf champions in a meaningful way, not to make them F tier champs but to balance them. I have heard many times "they are balanced for pro-play" my response to this is the usual one offered up by disgruntled players "99% of the players of this game are not pro-players, so why balance around less than 1% of players" along with this I would like to add that is is a completely viable option to either make a separate patch for pro players to play on or just revert the changes after the big events are over. So after all of this I'd like to say that I've been a long time player of league and have for the most part enjoyed the good times and all the craziness over the years but with the last season and preseason now it is starting to really ware me down, I don't feel the excitement to play anymore, I honestly worry that it will end up just leaving me in a crappy mood before bed. I would love to address every champion but honestly I don't have the time to do that and also I don't necessarily agree with every champ that people to believe is "OP". The main champion I want to talk about is *Akali*, this is a champion that has received nerfs over the past season but none seemed to really stop her from running over a lane opponent and if losing to just wait for the gold and then power spike at gunblade and be ready to carry. I believe her kit is quite overloaded having 4 dashes, 35-50% base move speed during fights (it is extremely easy to keep passive's move speed until you have killed someone), a slow, invisibility that also grants 20-40% move speed (on top of the passive), and a very strong execute. The amount of mobility alone is hard to understand, having 5 dashes if you include flash and constant move speed buffs during fights, along with large amounts of aoe damage as well as aoe execute. Mobility alone wouldn't make the champion broken though, due to her extremely high burst damage both in the early game with Q, auto, Q (and more if you'd like with shroud and the passive restoring energy as well). Something also not noted yet is her ability to just escape from nearly any situation if you cant pin her down with some form of long lasting hard cc and even then she has many options to leave. This champion has become extremely unfun to play against and is honestly a bad experience all around. I've asked many people that I play with what they think when she gets picked and I'm often told that they think we lose if she gets a 2 kill lead, or that whoever she is laning against is automatically at a disadvantage, I've also had randoms dodge queues because they said they weren't gonna play against her. The champion receives nerfs that don't properly address the issues she has, like nerfing her ult cd, or slightly nerfing her wave clear (which I checked really isnt that noticeable), or taking off the hit-box from her Q that hits behind her (which in all honesty sounds like a bug to me so I don't know why it was intentionally left there until now). There have been some nerfs to her in the past that were good obviously like the removal of tower shroud, and the removal of the heal on her Q, but these haven't balanced her. Some suggestions for balancing, remove her move speed buff after leaving the passive circle; remove the move speed buff on her passive altogether; put the passive on cooldown for a few seconds after proccing it so that she cant continue to trade you out of the lane; remove the first dash of her R (only one dash on ult) reduce the ult scaling of her execute at max from 255/450/645 (90% of AP) to 170/300/430 (60% of AP) (this is still double the normal damage of the ability). Now I am **NOT** saying that all of these should be done, I'm very against that because it would gut her, I'm saying maybe 1 or two of these would be great a good way to balance her kit so that she can't overrun other champions that aren't loaded with loads of burst damage, dashes, move speed buffs, and topped off with an execute. If you've made it this far thanks for taking the time to read, I'm sure there are some who disagree with me, if you are one of those people feel free to comment below I'd love to discuss. -----TLDR----- I believe that the game has taken a poor turn from the game I grew up on and loved, I feel the balance over the last season+ has really put a bad spin on the game and that something should be done to fix it. I do believe there are many things that need to be addressed but I am mainly discussing *Akali* in this post. Her kit is quite overloaded with high burst damage, extreme mobility (both dashes and large move speed buffs), as well as an aoe execute that can deal up to triple its normal damage. I discuss some ideas for balancing her in the second to last paragraph. If you would like to discuss please be respectful and I will do the same for you and feel free to comment on the post. Thanks for reading.

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