Just Please bring us Back Season 5? revert Everything Back to season When game was near perfect.

Season 5 was by far league of legends glory time, everything was perfectly balance, jungl was stable, toplane was relevant, Mages Couldnt buy {{item:3802}} and Just blow u up in 1 rotation, tanks Were viable and good, Bruiser finaly Were vaibel for season in the entire history without Being either underperforming or overpower, Only down side of season 5 was Assasin were underpowered But if u think about it. Maybe Thats What made game interesting, fun and near perfect balance Because assasin Werent strong, fuckkkk That class. 1. there was no Full health bar Someone in 2 seconde While Being untouchable like newdays {{champion:84}} or Being impossible to catch or punish No matter how bad for player u are {{champion:555}} , Wasnt this super overtuned kits {{champion:145}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} , There was kind of balance and fairness between mele and range in toplane. And my favourite Part about Season 5 before world patch Was how active Balance team was, If champ pass 52.25 % wr, he gets hotfixes in 12 to 24 Hours, if range champ is dominating Top, he get kite adjust, ... My only concern in season 5 was Irelia stun being 3 seconde cooldown, hell even {{champion:238}} Who was suppose to be or ppl say He was overpower season 5, he was actualy balance Since he had to triple q to kill u and he was doing it with style make ur oppunite respect u And Thats how Player like ll stylihs rised, ... Season 5 closect thing to perfection for league, ... Please revert everything back to season 5 Before world patch and Also bring back old balance team memeber That actualy kn how to balance game and not just fuking around
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