Riot, you NEED to tone down damage

As an incredibly LONG time Soraka player, the entire fantasy is being able to recover allies from the damage they take. I've played some "unique" soraka builds through the years that I found fun, entertaining, and incredibly successful for myself. Back in the Elesia's Miracle days, I ran Heal/CV with Crucible for a total of 4 heals. I went flashless during an era where people though flash was a necessity. But the vision I provided, along with the massive amounts of healing for myself and allies meant that I could stay safe, despite not having flash. You removed Elesia's Miracle. I adjusted, I grew, I ADAPTED. You reworked Soraka's kit to make her better at healing, but at the cost of her own health. I Vehemently opposed the changes you were making, and told you that they would break her. (I made multiple posts on the PBE, and tweets to Rickless). I played her anyways, I kept adjusting, growing with the changes, sticking by her. I used HP regen runes and felt safe, felt like my laning phase was STRONG. Then, you added Heal/Shield boost, and I realized that Soraka would be Pick/ban status for MONTHS. Oh well, I survived, I endured. I sat through the nerfs, the changes, and overall adjustments. Safe in knowing that no matter what, In laning phase I could endure the changes to whatever items, since I had the sustain to keep my allies healthy, and not worry about myself. THEN PRESEASON HIT. AND HOLY MOTHER OF BALLS DID IT HIT HARD. Soraka... she was still "Soraka" but her laning phase? It was gone. Her mana needs were now outrageous. The bullying capable by more aggressive Aery users was just too much for Soraka to really handle especially as Q became far more necessary to sustain myself. But all the things I had to offset the costs of Soraka's kit were gone... The health regen, the mana regen, all of it gone. Suddenly I found myself unable to keep up with trades, to help alleviate the pressure my ADC would take, to the point where I've had to watch my lane mate recall 3 times in 5 minutes because they got bullied more than I could sustain them. Riot, in ALL the Keystones you now have... you have incredibly few that focus entirely on defense and support. In fact, you could make an argument that all keystones are primarily for damage. Guardian, Summoner Spell book. Those 2 runes are the ONLY keystones that offer absolutely NOTHING but defense. All others provide damage, and were primarily focused on Damage. Even Summon Aery, one of the keystones that supports viewed as "Their" keystone, is taken for damage because it has some of the highest damage output of keystones in the game. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. THERE ARE NO RUNES FOR JUST HEALTH REGEN, NOTHING FOR MANA REGEN (Except mana band that's a FUCKING ONCE PER MINUTE RUNE), NOTHING to make characters that don't bring damage to the game feel like they can withstand the massive brutality that is the sheer amount of damage available in the new Rune's Reforged system. Bard suffered this effect too. Sure Bard could still take electrocute, and replicate the really insane early damage that he used to have in thunderlord's, but he's been struggling. Ivern also suffered this. You had to buff his shield by nearly 20% to offset the loss of Windspeakers. Soraka still has the absurd late game she always has, but her early game is now so damaged, that she will rarely survive the game lasting to the point where her healing can outdo damage. Please, PLEASE give us Sorakas, Iverns, and Bards a keystone that focuses on protection and healing that actually feels GOOD. Not a fucking useless rune in a tree that just doesn't feel good to spec into (Resolve...) I've had to actually uninstall the game because I feel like every game is a snowball game that's decided at 5 minutes, with me unable to anything to save the game. I can't handle the salt and disappointment that I feel with the game. I literally view any time logged onto league as wasted time. EDIT: People are still incredibly polarized about how strong Soraka should be allowed to be. Let it be known that I am FULLY aware that Soraka is a toxic, cancerous champion who's very design is antithetical to the design space of league. HOWEVER, I feel like there are ways to make soraka far more engaging a champion to play against and AS while being far more healthy to league overall. My idea for Soraka's W was to change it so that it grants a shield first, then after 1.5 seconds, it gets converted to gray health, which then refills over time. Damaging a champion while the gray health is ticking, would remove ALL the gray health that they have on them and shorten out the heal. This would still enable Soraka to be a potent out of combat healer, but in combat, it'd be far harder for her to keep allies topped off, as she'd be using shields instead of health. This also provides decision making in lane. "Do I hold onto my heal for later, when they can't be aggressive and pop it? or do I try to heal my ally and risk the heal being cut short? By making the heal far more risky, you can make the heal overall more powerful, as it's an out of combat effect.
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