"Runes Reforged" Perxie

I really feel like Perxie is a cool idea, but it shouldn't be a Keystone. With how often supports and possibly other roles would take it, there would be far too many people who have the little pet flying around them. It's also much more "Active" than runes or masteries are supposed to be. Runes and Masteries have always been little boosts that you don't have to think about, but can have fun building. Perxie is still a cool idea, and I think it should be an item instead. **Build Path:** {{item:1011}} + {{item:3114}} + 800 Gold = Perxie (2600 Gold Total) +100% base mana regeneration +400 health _UNIQUE Passive:_ +10% cooldown reduction _UNIQUE Passive:_ +10% bonus healing and shielding power. _UNIQUE Active:_ You can send Perxie to an allied champion to give them a shield for 100 (+10% AP) and giving them 10% (+1% per level) Movement Speed, or you can cast on Enemy Champion to deal 100 (+10% AP) magic damage and slow them by 10% (+1% per level) Movement Speed (40 second cooldown) As for what would replace Perxie as a Keystone, I think a good replacement would be something like this **Warden's Crest:** Whenever you heal an Allied Champion, grant them a temporary shield equal to 10% of the healing done that fades over 2 seconds. Whenever you shield an ally, heal them equal to 10% of the shielding given.
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