I would at least think we deserve a party mode.

No more event gamemodes outside of SR, no Nexus Blitz, no event gamemodes in custom games and no multiplayer practice tool. I canname 3 other massively online games which allow for at the least a multiplayer sandbox outside of main play, that of which being Overwatch, DOTA, TF2 ( UberUpgrades at the least. ) Even if timely they all also have easily accessible PvE events. Custom games are restricted to the 3 "5v5 or 3v3" maps, soon to be 2. You don't gain anything from custom games which makes perfect sense but then why not allow for more fleshed out customs, or infinite versions of wave-based PvE modes? Or at least the option to restrict champions to a certain pool? Occasionally, ( especially after a release of or buff to an OP champion ) Riot stops people from playing customs unless they have 10 people in it. And to a game which boasts 115 million+ players, why would they care that a few hundred are playing in the practice tool or custom games? Nexus Blitz was an amazing gamemode, it was extremely fast SR with random objectives and buffs. For the chance I got to play it, it was even good as a 1v1 or 3v3 mode when I was playing with friends. It was a fun party mode, everyone loved it. TFT is fine, it's a nice gamemode. But you can't play custom TFT matches. SR is fine, but the whole idea of rotational gamemodes is for the casual players to get a different experience outside of normal SR. Not... go play a different game... within the same game... Please, Riot. Can we please have much more custom game functions? At least the ability to make lobbies for gamemodes? If you had ARURF and TFT on PBE at once I'm sure putting a gamemode in custom is nothing. Please... PLEASE. #PLEASE. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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