Riot hard buffs Lux, she gets a prestige. Riot hard buffs Pyke, he gets a legendary.

But they totally don't buff champs to sell skins. Edit- Just to be clear, they dont do this for _all_ skins, mostly just the high Profile ones. Take Zed and his legendary, he got nerfed on that patch yes, but it was a love tap Nerf, and was partially just a revert to the buff he record 4 patches earlier, which massively buffed Living Shadow's range. Lux was steadily buffed to the point r/Lux was asking for nerfs, but didn't get those nerfs until a month after her Prestige skin. Vayne got her Q cooldown reduction when ulting a patch before her prestige edition. Pyke has just gotten a massive gold buff on his ult which coincides with forcing him back into the support role in a similar manner to Janna. Even further, I don't think this is a bad business practice, skins are their income it makes sense to do this. Just don't pretend not to.
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