how to counter the cancer that is electrocute?

elec doesn't care about your defensive items and resistences any combo in league with okay-ish damage will one shot you with little time to react even auto's proc it i insta tilt if all enemy team members run electrocute some assassins are useless without electrocute and that's fine but people using it almost on every fucking champ didn't see a soraka electrocute yet but i am sure i'll see it one day it's just..just wish there's a way to counter elect abusers or just make it only appealing to assassins and not a fucking fit all insta-win rune .. unrelated but how do you deal with getting camped ? almost get camped every game and it's annoying as hell especially because my team doesn't react to it at all, i can't play more passive that's not how i roll i want the first blood might as well afk if i am forced to play like a pussy by my tower why the enemy team always get the nice jungler that will save them from a rocky early game but i always get the junglers who afk farm and have to guarantee i win lane first before they gank me so they dont risk anything? I can deal with this shit in normals most of the time but not ranked i am new to ranked i don't have enough experience to deal with this shit and it's just unfair that i am laning against two people every game (i dont play bot lane)
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