What is Riot doing about smurfs ruining games?

I shouldn't have to play vs a Master Tier Evelynn OTP just to promote out of Plat IV. Hey dumbass Riot. Gold 4-1 players with 79% winrate in 27 games are not Gold, they are not Platinum, and they probably aren't even Diamond or at least they're not Diamond IV. Put them in Diamond MMR, not Platinum MMR, or limit MMR so that everyone's rank is with 1/2 divisions of each other. Start banning actual inters and these bots that don't ward, don't use summs before dying that these smurfs capitalize on over and over preventing players that actually belong at a certain tier (EDIT) (i.e. not boosted) to win games and climb normally. Hard Reset ALL elo brackets. Sure it'll be mayhem for a few weeks but it's already like this....
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