Why higher elo players are often the worst players in lower elo...

Now off the title alone a lot of people will immediately have a hostile opinion of this topic. Give it a minute, you may still disagree, but just listen to the substance first. While Iv had tons of "Im duo'd with my friend, Im (insert higher division here) on my main account" players in matches be bad; one the other night struck me with what the main issue with these players is when theyre doing really badly in a match. Yes, higher elo players can do poorly in lower elo matches. So overall they did well KDA wise. The problem stemmed from them going out alone, getting caught out over and over and denying their contributions during teamfights making us 4v5 halfway through the match. All the while yelling at the team asking what we were doing, and stating it felt like a 1v5... How did things get this way? Well, they were doing well. They had Anivia mid, and our top wasnt anything special, our ADC Jhin.... Well lets just say that we were up against a Karma sup that was hammering him, and I said "Get a vamp scepter to sustain the poke" and they retorted with "Hey autism" "Life steal wont do me any good while reloading." So yeah, those were our carries, a toxic asshat (who refused to build extra lifesteal), a blah top, a smurf, oh and our jg never ganked... Our team had some real problems with properly rotating. We were in a skirmish at the dragon that ended up with both parties disengaging, then moving mid. Then the jg was moving up river to top, and so I was going up to help. Then a fight breaks out top with 4v2 that me and top lose as they dive, then the rest of the team starts going to top... slowly, as the opponents start moving back towards dragon and our guys stay top while they get drag... just constant "late to the party" stuff going on. I quipped "I think their version of the game installed without a minimap. Well our smurf has had it at that point. This is where they become the worst player on our team. They have decided that the team is hopeless (maybe it is, maybe not) and that they will just have to "do it themselves." The "it" is everything. So they start hard pushing lanes while we try to collapse on invading enemy junglers, and split pushers. They face check the bushes. After all they have decided that theyre the best mofo on the team and they are in a higher division on their main account so they can do no wrong and every action is "safe" cause theyre basically just fighting against babies that arent as good as them. So with them tilted at the team, they lose focus and just go HAM and end up giving them kills, and denying us a full 5v5 fight for the last half of the match. Our team and the enemy team being sick of their nonsense statements in the post game lobby tried to tell them their mistakes. Of course they still have the "IM THE BEST PLAYER HERE YOURE ALL TRASH AND WE LOST CAUSE YOU WERNT DOING WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!" attitude. While I would say they were "Good at Anivia" and had above average game sense, map awareness, they were so overconfident in that they were "playing with lessers" that they had no respect for the enemy team and it lead them being caught a lot. So what this boils down to is attitude in this game means a lot more than just not being toxic and avoiding calling the team racial slurs. It also means not mentally dividing yourself from your team and "going it on your own." It also means not disregarding your opponents, and thinking theyre "just getting lucky, I can just get them next time." The combination of attitude and our teams shortcomings just meant we had virtually no teamwork, and in a team game a higher elo player shouldnt be the one abandoning all teamwork and being the one making their team 4v5 constantly. Alright I said the thing, remember people stay frosty, dont tilt.
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