Delayed Burst --> LeBlanc

Am I the only one who feels as though delayed burst works a lot better on some assassins than others? Maybe it's just me, but it feels kinda bad to play LeBlanc nowadays. I just started to pick her up and try to play her more now, but the delay because of her passive makes me so mad sometimes. How come an assassin like Rengar or Zed is allowed to kill me in the blink of an eye and get out (I get zed can get out better than Rengar pls no witch hunt), but when I play LeBlanc if I try to go in on an ADC or an enemy assassin late game, they kill me waaaaay faster than I can kill them. I noticed Riot has labeled LeBlanc as a "burst mage" not an assassin. I don't understand why. If someone could eli5, much appreciated. I was always under the assumption that burst mages, like Syndra, Zoe, Veigar, Annie, etc, were considered burst mages because they dealt high damage fast, but have no gap closers/mobility. On the client, LeBlanc is considered an assassin, but according to [this](, she's considered a burst mage. Also, why was her assassination power taken away, and put into a weakness (her wave clear)? I understand her previous playstyle was immensely unfun to play against, basically instantaneously going from 100 to zero too quick felt bad and felt like you didn't have much to do against it. Late game though, I feel like I get bursted quicker than I can burst someone else. Not to mention with the newest addition of the Nullifying Orb keystone, if I go against an AD assassin and I don't get a kill before they can get a hexdrinker, I'm screwed. TLDR: LeBlanc's burst feels horribly slow (mainly late game compared to other bursty people (mainly ADC's...)). It's really hard to burst down AD assassins/ADC's if they grab nullifying orb along with a hexdrinker. Is she an assassin or a burst mage? Why was her power shifted from assassination into wave clear?
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