Why again does an AFK offer NO ingame-compensations in LoL only?

League of Legends is the ONLY Moba known that has absolutely NO forgiveness mechanic to teams with AFKs. DOTA gives remaining active players passive stat increases based on the number of AFKs, making 4v5 and 3v5 still possible to play And abusing AFK's to farm kills, tilt the remaining active players or overall trying not to end the game ASAP for personal pleasure is considered unsportsmanlike and punished. Heroes of the Storm lets the AFK's champions play on the hardest difficulty bot to offer some consolation and contribution. Fuck, even phone mobas like Mobile Legends Bang Bang offer some consolation with IMMEDIATE AFK punishment and reduced loss for ranked numbers, with NO loss if 2 or more players AFK. League of Legends is literally the only moba largely known that says FUCK YOU to teams with AFKs. Why? Why is LOL unable to do what cheap ripoff mobile games can do? Just why?

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