Leveling up system- less about fun more about grinding (& the end of a reward system)

Dear Riot, Please revert your system back to drip BE, where every game rewarded you with BE regardless of win or loss. It doesn't matter if you've calculated that the amount of BE you get from leveling up will be exactly the same as the amount you would've gotten if we had gotten some BE at the end of every game. This system feels insanely bad because instead of spending my time playing on SR trying to get better at the game, I'm just grinding ARAM for EXP in order to level up and hope that I get good champ shards. The issue with your system is you've taken away our choice in how to spend in game currency. You've made the attainment of BE so rare that as a player, I feel less inclined to play to improve at the game and more inclined to just play for the sake of playing. If I'm at an odd sum, and I just need 100 BE to buy a champ, I now have to play 10+ games to "level up" and get that amount rather than on the previous system where I could play ~3 games to get that amount and buy a new champ. On top of that, I might not even want to disenchant those shards if I don't own those champs yet or if I need those shards to upgrade my mastery. So I'm essentially stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I disenchant the shards or keep them with the idea that maybe I'll be able to upgrade these shards in the future if I save up enough BE for them. Capsules, chests, and key fragments don't feel like rewards for gameplay or good behavior anymore. They feel like a necessity in order to buy new champions. Instead of feeling elation from getting a reward, I just feel apathy if not spite because the shards are the only way I can get in game currency now. **If you've decided that the amount of BE that will theoretically be given out upon leveling up equates to the amount of BE a player would get from playing (x) number of games to get to that level up, why not just give us the BE at the end of every match? What is the benefit of having this new system? As far as I can tell, the only benefit to this new system is indirectly forcing your players to buy RP in order to buy champions out of frustration at the difficulty of obtaining the in game currency. Which if that is true, I would be extremely disappointed since this would go against one of the core principles that Riot has constantly put forth of valuing their players. ** Sincerely, Pandantics (A player who was level 30 prior to the pre-season but neither owns all the champions nor has enough BE to buy all the champs)
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