Illaoi is like the least known champion in the game.

Or atleast on top lane. Seriously. Oh, how many times I've won my lane because my enemy didn't know how to play against me and what to do in some situations. Is this because she isn't popular champion? Maybe a little bit. But for sure her kit isn't something common in League, and her E is one of the most if not the most "detailed" and compound abillity in the game. -Are u hit with her E? Guess I will just stay and don't leave the range, because something bad may happen, or...just jump into her so tentacles will attack me and the soul in the same time. -Did she ult and got plenty of tentacles? Guess I will rush into her -Are u a Vessel? Guess I will forget that tentacles will attack me with no command rly often, so lets fight her. -Did she ult so tentacles attack faster and have no hitbox indicator? "OMG WTF WHY I CAN'T SEE IT ATTACK ME? BUG?" -Is she low HP so u feel u are about to kill her? "WTF HOW U HEAL SO MUCH?" I know plat isn't something big, but I thought players know their matchups rly well in that elo.
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