I see a dark future for melee toplaners

S10 promises a horrible game experience for melee toplaners. Top lane already had the least impact in the game but that isn't enough. Riot has to make melee toplaners literally unplayable. Changing conqueror to be more tank friendly is a nerf for bruisers. Removing a bruiser item without replacement is a nerf for bruisers. So bruisers will be generally garbage but at least tanks will be more viable. Uhm, no. Because they have to give an opening for mages to abuse the fuck out of conqueror. They have to give adaptive damage to conq, they have to make it stackable for ranged champions. Have fun with facing Ryze, Neeko, Kennen, Lucian, etc. in every game when you dare to pick a melee champion for top. The only exceptions are aa heavy, mobile brusiers like Jax and Irelia because sanguine blade is just more of a broken item than Spear of Shojin was (gj rito). So again, have fun with playing against ranged champions with conqueror or Jax, Irelia with 2.5 attack speed at one item. I know I am a noob but this is how I see things now. You are welcome to debate these and explain me why I am wrong, if you think so.
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