League looks shallow this weekend.

Between makeshift allstar teams performing visually than their seasonal and worlds counterparts, looking at complete lack of stategical diversity (forget champs for just a second) with deathball strong lanes with waveclear and powerful initiation being so available and easy to come by when putting a teamcomp together. Let me take a second to say i was wrong about Redeption. It shouldnt be nerfed we need MORE items like redeption. Plants are an ok but ultimately insufficient means to tackle the games problem. Now for my opinion We need -cooler items -diverse champion effects more like the support role -a pick ban phase that makes denying tools possible. If a team doesnt prioritize hard initiation/waveclear/splitpush they shouldnt be able to fill all those slots with two picks. Ive played league for a long time and many players like me know the game inside and out. It should not be a solved problem but it is.

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