If Teemo was a 2018 CertainlyT Champ

Passive: Also gives invisibility for 1 second after you start moving Blinding Dart: Becomes a skillshot which passes through minions and knocks teemo back when he fires it. If it hits an enemy champion marked by "poison" deal an absurd amount of their life in true damage. If Teemo missed a champion, the shot detonates creating a pool of poison on the ground. It has the same effects if stepped on. Move Quick: Becomes a dash. If teemo dashes through a shroom, he can activate this again to jump off it in any other direction. After the dash, each basic attack gives +10% infinitely stacking movespeed for Move Quick's duration Toxic Shot: Basic attacks give "poison" debuff. Once poison has been active for 2 seconds, activate this ability and your next basic attack will deal an absurd amount of their life in magic damage Noxious Trap Traps give "poison" debuff. They become "true" traps which cannot be detected (true invisibility) and therefore destroyed, or time out. If you throw a shroom on to an enemy, it detonates instantly.
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