Congratulations riot, you killed pyke support.

More often than not supports don't go past level 13 in the current meta. Pyke levels w last. Thus, support pykes are going to play with reduced movement speed and healing throughout the entire game and why? Because solo lane pyke. They change the movement speed bonus to be 30/40/50/60/70% Instead of 40%+1.5 per 1 lethality. Pyke stacks lethality. 2 lethality items are roughly 40 lethality, that's around 100% bonus decaying movement speed After the change he has 30% move speed until he puts more points into w. He will now regenerate 35%(+800% ad) until he puts some points into w, instead of like 60% when he got to level 13. Pyke is squishy as fuck because he can't build health and he needed that healing bad, especially early when his resistances are low. Borderline disgusting NERF. Mage supports it is then.
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