Can Aatrox have like, actual taunts that are not so...lazy?

(Forgot to note, this is talking about his normal Taunts, not ones directed at specific champs) Like, if I were some destructive being named "The World Ender", i'm pretty sure if I were to taunt someone, I wouldn't be like, "Uh, nice world you have here. I intend to destroy it, you know, FYI." And, "I am like a demon, but more edgy, right? You know, cause I'm a sword. Hmm..." These would be better off as jokes and not a taunt. Because FYI is totally something a demon who seriously intends to destroys worlds and curse Zoe's existence like, "I know it was you, trickster! You gave them the tools to trap me! Come, let me kill you! A thousand times isn't enough!" and legit want to kill her over and over. I use to spam his old taunts at the t1 turret at top at the beginning of the game. Now I have to tell myself every game, "Dont hit taunt for the love of everything that is holy. We lost our spam." (Idk if it would be better to post it here or in Story, Art, and Sound)
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